If you have symptoms of the virus or have been tested positive 10 days before your stay with us please contact us to reschedule your reservation.

We have prepared a safe space for you and us. We’re committed to a special protocol, which has been developed in partnership with experts in health and hospitality. We hope that our clients can enjoy their stay with complete peace of mind.

  • Time to wait before entering a space previously occupied: When our guests enter in Sunflower B&B it has been 7 hours since their room was vacated.
  • Protective equipment: We wear protective equipment while cleaning and for serving your breakfast.
  • Social distancing: We keep a 1 meter of social distance. Please keep it too.
    To facilitate this aspect upon the arrival of our customers, we coordinate with them so that their check-in times do not coincide.
  • Thoroughly clean: We clean each room accordingly to an extensive cleaning checklists. We follow the necessary steps to help prevent cross-contamination in our cleaning process.
  • All consumables such as tea & coffee sachets and toiletries are removed (even if not used) and will be replaced with new items.
  • All un-used towels, teacups and glasses from guest bedrooms are removed and replaced with new.
  • Bed linen is washed at a high temperature.
  • Sanitizing: All items in the room and all high contact surfaces have been sanitized, such as room keys, door and window knobs, light switches, sockets, stair railing, cabinets.
  • Approved products: We use disinfectants approved by global health agencies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Cleaning supplies on hand: We provide extra cleaning supplies, as disinfectant wipes or antibacterial hand sanitizer.
  • Shared areas.

  • We will keep the shares areas ventilated
  • The use of the breakfast room is exclusive for each room so that you do not coincide with other guests. For this we have established 3 shifts.
  • Table in the breakfast room will be cleaned and fully disinfected at the end of breakfast service. All consumables on the tables will be removed and replaced, even if unused.
  • Crockery, cutlery and glassware is washed and sterilized at a high temperature in a dishwasher.  

We kindly request our customers to PLEASE fulfil the following

  • Wear a FACE MASK while entering, exiting and moving around the premise, but can be removed once seated at a table. It can be removed once seated at a table in the breakfast room as well as in your bedroom.
  • Use the HAND SANITIZER located in the entrance hall and in the breakfast room when entering the B&B, and the breakfast room.
  • Keep a 1 meter SOCIAL DISTANCE
  • Keep the shares areas VENTILATED


In case you develop symptoms during your stay at Sunflower B&B, please

  • Communicate it to the NHS 111.
  • Let us know immediately so that we can protect other guests and ourselves.
  • Return home and isolate. Stay safe.
  • We will refund you your pending days that you cannot stay at Sunflower.

In the event that symptoms appear within 14 days of your stay with us, your notification is expected. Thank you.